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Graphic design is tricky to pin down: if you put too much emphasis on production, the creative aspects aren't represented. If you put too much emphasis on creative, it starts sounding like art direction. My working definition is that it's creative work, but someone else handles the market research and sets the look and feel.

Graphic design is a often under-estimated, under-sold, and marginalized as a production job. Sort of the labor class that does the heavy lifting in the visual communications industry. However, it is a foundation skill for most visual creative work, and the best Art Directors have spent time doing graphic design and production. It builds their chops and gains technical understanding of what will and won't work on press.

I have spent my entire working life in this industry, honing my production skills and blending them with art direction knowledge. This has created a potent mix of speed, style, and wisdom combined to create a great value for you, the graphic design customer.

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