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I have an unusual ability to think technically. I am a big gearhead, my hobbies include machining and fabrication, I studied architecture in parallel with art, and my Dad was an engineer. I can visualize complex elements, assemblies and spatial relationships in three dimensions in my head.

My illustrative forte is, not surprisingly, technical illustration. This is a broad category which includes medical illustration, scientific illustration, patent illustration, illustrative maps, and real estate marketing illustration, which include floor plans, tier plans, site plans, and location maps.

I don't just make pretty pictures, I make it a habit to learn enough about the subject to understand what I illustrate before executing the images. In addition to feeding my voracious curiosity, this aids me in producing very accurate, communicative images. Which is exactly what you need in an illustrator.

I also have significant experience with editorial illustration and photo-realistic illustration. As a photographer, I have the experienced eye to perceive light and lighting effects, and recreate them in illustration, as well as using photography to create my own source material.

Motorcycle Suspension Bible ABA Bus Safety Illustration National Harbor Site Plan Tavern League Smoking Ban Poster
ABA Bus Safety Illustration Royal Blueliners Coat of Arms Fusion Scientific Illustration Floor Plans