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This project was quite large, and the original blueprints were spread across many sheets of paper from the architectural firm - the first technical challenge was producing a single coherent image to work from. The scale of this site plan, both the final product and the real acreage covered by the plan, was ambitious to say the least.

One of the attractions of National Harbor is the lovely landscaping and detailed hardscape, which I was to represent in the illustration. I was provided photographs of the hardscaping products, specifically the paver brick colors and interlocking patterns, and I used these to generate accurate fill patterns.

For those familiar with Washington, DC, National Harbor is the new home of the famous sculpture entitled "The Awakening", which used to reside at the very tip of Haines Point National Park.

There are detail images below the main image.

36"w x 36"h

National Harbor Site Plan:

National Harbor Site Plan

Close-up Detail of the Landscaping:

National Harbor Site Plan

Close-up Detail of "The Awakening":

National Harbor Site Plan