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"I'm a photographer" is a very wide-open statement, not unlike "I'm an artist" or "I'm a musician". What kind of photographer, artist or musician is really the important question. My most unique photographic specialty is panoramas... from the top of construction cranes! I love creating panoramas. Even though I shoot panoramas commercially, I also shoot them as personal works.

My primary client for a panoramas are real estate developers that need to market an apartment or condo project. Once ground is broken, I climb to the top of their construction crane and capture a panoramic image that represents the view from the top floor of the property. One of the benefits of my method of shooting panoramas is the finished product is very high resolution, some are over 20 feet long at 200 ppi!

This panoramic technique is also quite suitable for individual real estate sales if the property for sale is, in the vernacular, "a view home". If you're selling your home within a half-day drive of the California Bay Area, and would like to use a panorama as a marketing tool, please contact me to create a memorable image.

I also shoot architecture, landscapes, portraits, still life/products, and events.

Lake Tahoe Panorama Harborside Washington DC Panorama Met Arlington Virginia Night Panorama Met Arlington Virginia Night Panorama
Portrait of Ann Downtown Fredericksburg at dusk Goodbye Saint Valentine Kennedy-Warren Lobby